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The Cooperation between Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital and Michigan Genesys Medical Center

[Source]: 医学院英文网[Author]: [Date]: 2010-07-07[Views]: 2154

Zhejiang University School of Medicine Affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital and the Michigan Genesys Medical Centre signed the project of "Run Run Shaw Hospital Family Medicine Clinical Training Base" on May 28, 2010. Zhejiang University Chairman Dr. Zhang Xi attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital president He Chao and Mr. Mark Taylor, CEO of Genesys Medical Center, as the representatives of the two institutes signed the agreement.

The project will be carried out in the field of family medicine cooperation through the introduction of the advanced principles and practices of training family medicine doctors in the Genesys Medical Center so as to further strengthen the education and training system of family medicine doctors at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital is trying to build itself to the national model training base of family medicine doctors.

The Genesys Medical Center will send a few full-time family doctors to work in the General Medicine Division and Family Medicine Clinic at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital. They will help to see the patients and provide teaching and residency training. Meanwhile, the U.S. experts will give seminars to help improve the management of primary hospital and diagnosis and treatment to the patients.
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