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My Experience in Zhejiang University School of Medicine

[Source]: 医学院英文网[Author]: [Date]: 2010-11-16[Views]: 8161

I entered Zhejiang University as fresh high school graduate student in 2006. It was the time when I was having no idea of life in foreign country. Most of us think of lot of problems if we are not in our home country. But when I entered Zhejiang University , I didn’t feel like that I was  in other country because the surrounding people were so nice to me  and then our directors and coordinators made it so easy for us  and helped us so much that we didn’t even recognize  how the time was passing. Then we started our medical school. We all have the idea of how difficult the medicine course is, But due to highly qualified staff and Professors in school of medicine Zhejiang university, we understood how to deal with things, how to study on time, how to make reports and do homework assignments. From outside world, the life of medical students is boring and hard, but if you ask me so I think it’s the best option to study medicine. Here you learn how to deal with cadaver, how to take care of sick patients, and how to treat people. It gives you pleasure when you are with patients and want to help those who need your help.  I was given the opportunity to be student’s president from 2007 to 2008, during this period I learned the value of being a leader.  In Zhejiang University School of medicine I learned the value of friends, Professors, Administration staff. Here the Professors will always help you and will treat you as a friend.  As far as I am concerned so I took the best decision to enter School of medicine Zhejiang University. Now I am in 5th year and soon I will be going for internship back home but I would never regret the time I passed in Zhejiang University. It was and is the best time of my life.  If anyone wants to study abroad so I am 100 percent sure that Zhejiang University is the best option. Best wishes to Zhejiang University School of Medicine.

                                                                                Nasar Shah (5th year student, Pakistan)

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