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2010 Hangzhou International Medical Education Forum

[Source]: 医学院英文网[Author]: [Date]: 2010-11-19[Views]: 3561

The 2010 Hangzhou International Medical Education Forum was held in Zhejiang Hotel, Hangzhou on Oct. 23 and aimed to further explore the educational philosophy of modern medicine and medical talent training, study medical education reform and development trends, and effectively improve the quality of medical education. Vice president Lai Maode gave an opening welcome speech. Mr. Zhou Xiaodong, ZJU Deputy Communist Party Secretary; Prof. Li Lu, Deputy Director, Education of Zhejiang Province; Mr. Gao Bin, Director, Department of Higher Education(Agriculture and Medicine),  Ministry of Education; Prof. Ba Denian, Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering attended the meeting and gave a speech.

There were 130 participants from USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all kinds of Medical School in the mainland. The forum invited Professor A. Eugene Washington, Vice Chancellor of UCLA and Dean of David Geffen School of Medicine; Professor Alan Robinson, Executive Vice Dean of David Geffen School of Medicine; Professor Marry IP, Associate Dean of Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of University of Hong Kong and Chan Lap Ki; Professor Chen-hsen Lee, Dean of School of Medicine of Taiwan National Yang-Ming University, as well as other international well-known medical education experts from Peking University, Fudan University and so on. The latest hot spot for medical education and reform progress were introduced comprehensively and discussed thoroughly. The Forum combined the forms of keynote speech, seminar, and group discussion. Furthermore, the Forum also provided a good platform of PBL Workshop for sharing and exchanging.

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