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Experimental Course of Physiological Sciences

[Source]: 医学院英文网[Author]: [Date]: 2011-01-22[Views]: 2542
Course description:
Experiments in Physiological Sciences is an innovative integrated course that ranges from physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology. The course synthesizes basic theory of physiological science, general physiological experiments, and innovative researching experiments to promote the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills in physiological experiments. Acquaintance with the ways of thinking in scientific research, experiment designs and research skills in medical science is fostered by the practice in innovative researching experiments. This enables students develop their abilities in data analysis, scientific expression and experimental research.
Contact information:
Course leader:  Yuan Lu(luyuan@zju.edu.cn)
Course coordinator: Xuyun Li(lixuyun@zju.edu.cn)
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