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Medical microbiology and parasitology

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Course description:

Medical microbiology and parasitology is one of the essential medical sciences. It includes two independent parts: medical microbiology and human parasitology. Medical microbiology includes the study of many types of organisms, in particular viruses, bacteria and fungi as infectious pathogens, with emphasis on the structures and products that allow them to grow and cause disease. Human parasitology will cover the major groups of helminth, protozoa and arthropod. It introduces the characteristics and life cycle of the parasites, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the parasitic disease. Students in this course will learn common terms and basic concepts of medical microbiology and parasitology, then focus on the mechanisms of infectious diseases. The mission of this course is to let students gain an awareness of the versatility of pathogens and an understanding of how humans and pathogens coexist. It will help the clinician in the diagnosis and treatment of infections in patients.
Contact information:
Course leader: Professor Jie Yan (med_bp@zju.edu.cn)
Course coordinator: Dr. Liwei Li (lilw2@zju.edu.cn)
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