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Neuroscience and Behavior

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Course description:

The Neuroscience course focuses on understanding the structure and function of the brain.  In addition, there is some emphasis on clinical problem solving.  To acheive these goals, the course is divided into 4 parts. This course begins with the study of nerve cells which includes their structure, the propagation of nerve impulses and transfer of information between nerve cells, the effect of drugs on this process, and the development of nerve cells into the brain and spinal cord.  Next, sensory systems such as hearing, vision and touch are covered as well as a discussion on how physical energy such as light is converted into neural signals, where these signals travel in the brain and how they are processed.  Other topics include the control of voluntary movement, the neurochemical bases of brain diseases, and those systems which control sleep and consciousness, learning and memory.  In a word, The mission of the neuroscience course might be summarized briefly: to broadly define the field and begin the student’s investigation of the nervous system.
Contact information:
Course leader: Professor Jianhong Luo (luojianhong@zju.edu.cn)
Course coordinator: Dr. Jinghua Jin  (jhjin@zju.edu.cn)
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