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Students are not allowed to take senior clerkship abroad.


Taking senior clerkship in Zhejiang University affiliated hospitals:

1.????? Submit your HSK and HSKK certificates to your coordinator.??Exams have to be??

? ? ? ? taken? in Hangzhou. Certificate? ?from other cities will be not accepted. Student must?

? ? ? ? pass?HSK level 4?with minimum score?195 or above and HSKK intermediate?level or?

? ? ? ? above.

2.????? Submit your senior clerkship elective choices (see below).

3.????? All above documents and information must be submitted by the second Friday of?

? ? ? ?spring semester the same year the senior clerkship starts. Late submission will cause?

? ? ? ?delay of your senior clerkship and graduation. From 2014, hospitals will only take?

? ? ? ?senior clerkship student?twice a year, at the beginning and 25th week of the clerkship.


Procedures for taking senior clerkship electives in other countries:

1.??You (student) need to make a decision as early as possible, since the procedure may??

? ? ?take?long time. And you will ? ? ? ?need to find a?hospital by yourself. The hospital has??

? ? ?to?be a?teaching hospital.

2.? ?Download ‘Application Form for Taking Clerkship Abroad’ on School’s website:

? ? ?/index.php?a=detail&catid=238&id=1438&web=english&pc=1?

3. ?Fill in the form and submit it to your coordinator.

4.???An ‘authorization letter’ will be issued on your request.

5.???Submit the authorization letter and other materials to the hospital if required.

6.???Once your application is accepted, you will need to request an acceptance letter from?

? ? ? the hospital and submit it to your coordinator.

7.?? In case some hospital doesn't have the department that is required by curriculum,?e.g.?

? ? ? the infectious disease department, it is in the internal medicine department. However,?

? ? ? in the bluebook it has to be filled in separately. According to the curriculum, total 12?

? ? ? subjects should be recorded in bluebook. Missing one subject will cause serious?

? ? ? consequence that you couldn't be awarded?a degree.

8. ? The graduation exam is normally arranged within one week after the 'formal' clerkship?

? ? ? rotation schedule (the 48 weeks schedule). All students have to come?back to take the?

? ? ? graduation exam. You are strongly advised to make a careful plan, so that you won't?

? ? ? miss the graduation exam.

9. ? If you plan to take part of the clerkship in other country, you should carefully plan?

? ? ? your rotation schedule so that it ? ? ? can fit our 48 week schedule. You are advised to?

? ? ? talk to Dr. Jie Zhang. You also need to talk to Mr. Ye Wen(yewen2011@zju.edu.cn) in?

? ? ? International College about visa issue before you make the final decision.

10. The deadline for submitting acceptance letter is the second Friday of spring semester?

? ? ? the same year the senior clerkship starts.


Choose elective modules:

No matter where you are going to take senior clerkship,

1.????? You need to choose four elective modules (see?attached document)?.

2.????? For those who?plan?to do 52 weeks clerkship, you need to take two more elective?

? ? ? ? modules, one on your own choice, another one has to be community medicine.

3.????? The deadline for submitting elective form is before?the second Friday of spring?

? ? ? ? semester the same year the senior? clerkship starts.

4.????? You are not allowed to change your elective choices after the deadline.

5.????? You don't need to choose the compulsory modules.


? ? Come to our Hua Jia Chi office (central building south, 5th floor, room 541) to pick up clerkship books.


Download?Senior Clerkship Modules HERE

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