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Class and Examination Regulation

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International Medical Student Regulations
Class Regulations
1.      The whole class must respect the start and finishing times of lessons.
2.      Attendance is marked by a committee member in theoretical lectures and by the teacher in practical lectures. The total attendance is part of a students’ final mark. Students are regarded as late within 10 minutes after class begins. Those who are late, leave in the middle or leave early, for 3 times are marked as 1 absence. Students are marked as absent 10 minutes after class begins when the monitor will lock the classroom doors. If the number of periods during which a student is absent from a course exceeds 30%, he will lose the right to take the exam.
3.      In the event of a student’s being unable to attend a lecture because of illness, he should inform the monitor in advance and no later than the second day after absence, also submit a medical leave certificate written by doctor and a sick leave application written by himself indicating the reason for his absence; when a student is unable to attend school because of private affair, he should submit to supervisor in advance a written leave application indicating the reason and absence period. Without the supervisor’s permission, he will still be marked as absence.
4.      Students must apply to the administration of International Education College for permission when leaving for 7 days and over.
5.      Homework must be done for the agreed date to allow for effective correction by the teacher. Once the teacher finds similar homework or practical report, both the one who copies and let others copy his/hers will get zero points for this homework.
6.      It is forbidden to have mobile phones switched on in classes. The student will be given one warning, after which the mobile phone will be confiscated till the end of the class.
7.      No headphones should be seen hanging out of the ears, or else the music player will beconfiscated till the end of the class.
8.      You can eat during the break time but not during the class.
9.      No talking during the class.
Examination Regulations
1.      Anyone found cheating in a quiz or examination will automatically be given zero marks for the whole examination. Depending on how serious the offence may be, and having taken into account the general situation, the student may not be offered the degree.
2.      Only a medical certificate will be considered as a valid excuse in case of absence for examination. Without this certificate, the student will automatically be given a zero for the examination. Sessions of replacement examinations will be organised by the school administration.
3.      Those who fail in the examination, have to take the examination with the next batch and can choose to attend the lecture for that subject with them.
4.      Bring your student ID for every examination and strictly follow the seating arrangement. You can not attend the examination with out your student ID. And once found not following the seating arrangement will be punished as same as those who cheat in the examinations.
5.      Turn off the mobile phone before the exam,or else the phone will be confiscated till the end of the exam. You will not be allowed to go to the restroom during the exam.
6.      It is forbiden to talk during the exam, once found, 10% will be deducted from the final score for the first offence, and 0 marks will be given for the particular exam if found guilty a second time.
7.      Students failing to comply with the following will be barred from the final examination:
1)      Absent for 30% of the whole classes with no reason.
2)      Absent for 30% of the practicals or fail in the practicals.
3)      Miss the homework for three times.
8.      Any student late than 20 minutes after an examination begins will not be allowed to attend the above said examination.
The rules will be explained by the International Education Program Office and be valid from the date publicized.
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