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Information about selecting “retaking course” or “supplementary exam”

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From this semester, if the students fail in anycourse, they need to choose the retaking course or supplementary exam themselves, from their own educational administration system [Attachment1 for details]. If you forget the password, you can contact with the school educational administration department to reset it (phone no. 88206187).
The next semester course selection time will be announced at the beginning in June, 2013.
Students can chooseretaking course” or “supplementary exam”. The new courses of next semester for every batch will handled by the school after you do the registration.
1. If you choose to retake “supplementary exam”, then there is no need to attend the class lectures. The highest score for passing the exam will be 60.
2. If you want to get a higher score, first select"give up supplementary exam ", and then through the course search, select courses for next semester. Pay attention to the course number,coursetitle, teacher name, andclass time (will also be available at the beginning of June, 2013).
1) If you choose for “retaking course”, you should check whether you have time to attend every class or not.If you are unable to attend the courses because of the courses conflict, do not select.
2) Unless the teacher of that course is agreed for you to exempt class lectures (fill in the form [the Attachment 3], ask for the teacher for signature and hand in the form to your class supervisor). If the teacher does not agree and insist you must attend every class, then if you still choose “retaking course” you will lose the chance to attend the final exam for that course.
3) Once you get teacher’s agreement, but still cannot select the course because of “System Course Conflict” you can hand in a paper to apply for this course before the deadline of selecting course. But we can’t guarantee that everyone can get this course, first come, first served.
4) Before you select the course, the system may require you to complete the teacher evaluation [the Attachment 2].
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