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ZUSM delegation visited Harvard Medical School to explore cooperation in undiagnosed diseases

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From July 18th to 19th,2019, the First Undiagnosed Diseases (UN) Seminar of ZUSM and Harvard Medical School was successfully held in Boston. LI Xiaoming, Executive Dean of ZUSM, XU Zhengping, Executive Deputy Director of ZJU Medical Center, Associate Dean of ZUSM, KE Yuehai, Associate Dean of ZUSM, Vice President of Science and Technology Research Institute, LOU Min, Assistant of Dean, ZHANG Dan, Associate Dean of Women's Hospital, ZHANG Jin, professor of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, and REN Sangsang, director of the Dean’s Office, attended the seminar.


The First Undiagnosed Diseases (UN) Seminar of ZUSM and Harvard Medical School


David Golan, Associate Dean of Harvard Medical School, met with the delegation

Prof. Richard L. Maas, Director of the Department of Genetics in Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, hosted the seminar. More than 10 professors from both sides had deep discussions on clinical research, collaboration centers/networks construction and technical support platforms development for undiagnosed diseases.

Meanwhile, the two sides reached broad consensus on cooperation in case cooperation, genetic counseling and training, and functional genomic analysis in the near future. Also, two parites reached an important consensus on the establishment of the Joint Research Center for Undiagnosed Diseases, and agreed to set up a joint working group to promote the cooperation of the research. and the Second Undiagnosed Diseases Seminar will be held in Hangzhou.

During the meeting, David Golan, Associate Dean of Harvard Medical School, met with the delegation of ZUSM to communicate and discuss cooperation ?of undiagnosed disease in detail.

The delegation from Harvard Medical School visited ZUSM in August 2018. A joint seminar regarding systems genetics and precision medicine was successfully held. Afterwards, there was a research team consists of members from School of Basic Medical Sciences and affiliated hospitals, ZUSM, launched on the bilateral cooperation in the promotion of undiagnosed diseases organized by Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean of ZUSM, Professor LIU Zhihong.


Invited Prof. George Church and Prof. Harvey Lodish?as scientific consultant for the Medical Center

During the meeting, the delegation also participated in the undiagnosed case discussion at Brigham and Women's Hospital. At the same time, the delegation visited George Church, the professor of Department of Genetics in Harvard Medical School, member of the American Academy of Sciences and Harvey Lodish, professor at the Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, member of the American Academy of Sciences. They had a deep communication on the construction of undiagnosed diseases and Medical Center. During the visit, ZUSM officially invited Academician George Church and Harvey Lodish as scientific consultants of ZJU Medical Center.


Visit the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center

On July 24th, the delegation visited the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Maryland and visited Dr. William Gahl, Director of the Clinical Medicine Department of the Institute of Genomic Medicine. The two sides exchanged their views on clinical cooperation on undiagnosed diseases. At the same time, the delegation participated in a multidisciplinary case discussion on undiagnosed diseases. Dr. William Gahl is a leading promoter of the Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) in the United States and has been working on the undiagnosed diseases treatment for a long time.


Visit the Columbia University School of Medicine Hu Center


Meet with Augustine M.K. Choi, Dean of Cornell Medical College

Alumni Meeting in Boston

Alumni Meeting in Washington

During the visit in the US, the delegation also visited Cornell University School of Medicine, Columbia University School of Medicine, and Princeton University. At the same time, a number of alumni events were organized in Boston, New York, Princeton, Washington and other places, the delegation received warm reception from local alumni. The delegation introduced the development of ZUSM in recent years, the construction of Medical Center and the discipline layout and development direction of the ZUSM in key areas such as undiagnosed diseases and precision medicine.

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