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Name: ZhuYongping
Post: Prof. of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Education: PhD & MD
Professional: Pharmacology & Toxicology
Departments: Dept. of Public Health
Research: 1.Neural-molecular mechanism of drug dependence
TEL: 88981128
E-mail: zhuyp@zju.edu.cn
Personal Home Page: http://mypage.zju.edu.cn/zhuyp


Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Deputy Director, Teaching Quality and Resource Management Office, Unergraduate School, Zhejiang University
Member, International Association of Environmental Mutagen Societies (IAEMS)
Commissioner, Committee of Risk Assessment, Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society
Member, Chinese Society of Toxicology
Member, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association
Syndic, Zhejiang Preventive Medicine Association
Director, Committee of Toxicology, Zhejiang Preventive Medicine Association
Member, Environmental Science Society of Zhejiang Province
Member, Pharmacological Society of Zhejiang Province
Special Inquisitor, the People’s Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province

Additional Information:
Dr. Zhu Yongping is a Professor of toxicology. He joined the Department of Toxicology in the Zhejiang University School of Medicine in 1983. He became a full professor in 2003. Dr. Zhu earned his B.M. in Clinical Medicine and Ph.D. in pathophysiology at Zhejiang Medical University. Dr. Zhu/'s research is focused on the Neural-molecular mechanism of drug dependence , toxicogenomics and the quantitative structure –toxicity relationship of chemicals. He teaches Toxicology at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Zhu also serves as a Deputy Director, Teaching Quality and Resource Management Office, Unergraduate School, Zhejiang University.

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