International Education Program


1. Question: We were able to access to some excellent online resources that the university provided such as usmle-easy.com and uptodate.com before. Why we couldn't access them now?

Answer: Zhejiang University still has the subscription to these services. The web address for usmle-easy.com is new.usmle easy.com. To use these services, you need to creat an account yourself first. To visit the websites and datbases outside of the campus, you need at least login to your account once inside of campus. 24 hours later, you will be able visit the databases outside of the campus using web broswer. To keep using the databases outside of the campus, you nee to login to your account in campus at least once every three months.


2. Question: What I should do if I forget my the password for E-learning or university educational management account?

Answer: To reset password for E-learning account, please contact Mr. Ye, Zhi-Guo by softlab@zju.edu.cn or 88206726. To reset password for university educational management account, please bring your student card and go to Zi Jin Gang campus, E1B-105, ask Mr. Gu, Hui(Tel. 88206718) for help.


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