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The affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH),affiliated with Zhejiang University, School of Medicine, was established in 1994 through the generous donation of Sir Run Run Shaw, a well-known Hong Kong businessman and philanthropist, as well as matching funds from the Zhejiang government.Over the last 24 years of comprehensive scientific development, SRRSH has been developed into a tertiary, research-oriented general hospital with 1,200 beds, 310,866 square meters, 29 clinical specialties, 9 ancillary departments, 33 inpatient nursing units and other OR, OPD, ER nursing units, etc. SRRSH is also entrusted by Hangzhou Municipal Government to manage the Xiasha Hospital which has1,200 beds.

During the first 5 years of our hospital’s history, world renowned medical experts and management elites from Loma Linda University provided their service and expertise. These American experts have not only brought advanced medical techniques, but also their modern philosophies of hospital management style and service. Through the consistent, mutual collaboration between Sir Run Run Shaw and Loma Linda University, we have gradually come to posses the same service conception, common values and dreams.

SRRSH pioneered the “Shaw Hospital Model”, which combines the best of Chinese and western healthcare management models. SRRSH is the first pilot in China to develop an electronic patient platform using the telephone, which enable patients to register, pay, check medical records and link with government insurance systems, as well as remotely consult with physician through the Cloud Hospital.

SRRSH is the first public hospital in China accredited by the Joint Commission International for four times in succession. And in 2014, 2015 and 2016, 2017,SRRSH was linked in the “100 Best Medical Organizations to work for in China”. In September 2017, SRRSH became the first hospital in China to join Mayo Clinic Care Network.

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A number of SRRSH departments have achieved the world-class standards, clinical strength include the departments of minimally invasive surgery with laparoscopic technique application, reproductive medicine, cardiovascular interventional treatment, and ophthalmology etc. The obviously professional advantages have been observed in general surgery, cardiology, gynecology & obstetrics (Xiasha),urology, radiology, head & neck surgery, orthopedic surgery, gastroenterology, and neurology etc. SRRSH has significantly improved in multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment with the construction of treatment centers, including tumor center, ophthalmology center, heart center and pathology center.

For the past two decades, SRRSH has had a long-term cooperation with Loma Linda University Health (USA), and has broadened international cooperation and communication with other world famous medical care institutes, including Mayo Clinic, University of Columbia, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the University of Zurich, Cabrini Health Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Shizuoka Hospital, Yonsei University Severance Hospital, Chungbuk National University and others.Each year, over 200 doctors are sent to international health institutes for academic exchange. Also, we provide a rotation program for international medical students and residents. In 2009, SRRSH opened the first International Healthcare Center (IHC) in Zhejiang province. Since then, we have treated international patients from 168 countries and regions, and signed 22 world-renowned medical insurance companies. As the designated hospital of the Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Office, SRRSH has provided healthcare services for a number of foreign leaders and celebrities during their visit to Hangzhou.


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