Affiliated Hospitals

The affiliated Children's hospital

The Children's Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZUCH), with 60 years of history, is the largest comprehensive center for pediatric medical care in ZhejiangProvince. It is located by the side of the picturesqueWestLake in Hangzhou. Its predecessor was initially established in May 1951 as “Zhejiang Provincial Maternal and Children’s Hospital led by Professor Li Yuhua, China's well-known pediatrician, as the founder and first president of the hospital.  The hospital has been actively involved in the fields of pediatric medical care, medical training, teaching, research, and preventive health care. Several provincial prevention and treatment centers have been set up in the hospital, including the

Center of Neonatal Disease Prevention and Treatment, the Center ofCardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment, the Center of Metabolic Disease Screening, the Diagnostic Center of Genetic Diseases, and theHearingScreeningManagementCenter. 

The hospital has 20 inpatient wards with a total capacity of 850 beds. The annual outpatient visits sum up to more than 1,520,000. The annual inpatient visits are nearly 35,000 and annual surgery cases are over 14,000.



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