Affiliated Hospitals

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJU4H) is a comprehensive hospital of Zhejiang University. ZJU4H is a provincial hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University, which focuses on excellent healthcare, education and scientific research. We aims to become international medical center with world-class disciplines.ZJU4H is one of the top hospital in Zhejiang Province. Our vision is to be an internationally recognized and branded hospital in China. ZJU4H is accredited by the JCI, HIMSS EMRAM 6,ISO15189.ZJU4H is designed with 1800 beds(1000 beds is in use), boasts more than 1600 employees, 35 clinical departments, and it occupies 31.18 acre with a total footprint in Phase I of 123,000 m2.





Add:No.N1 Shangcheng Avenue, Yiwu,Zhejiang Province,PRChina

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