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In the afternoon of September 15th, there were more than 240 alumni, 1983 returned to their Alma mater to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their graduation in Zijingang Campus. In the season of autumn breeze sending sweet smell and fragrance of red osmanthus, we are pleased to see?them back to school to recall those memories as years today once more.

ZHENG Shu, former President of Zhejiang Medical University, made her opening speech on the home coming meeting. As she mentioned that today is the 30th anniversary for the graduation of the class of 1988. Also,it is the first day of my 88 years old birthday. I would like to thank you all for your great contribution to the development of School of Medicine, Zhejiang.

CHEN Zhaodian, former President of Zhejiang Medical University, and GAO Fagen, Vice President of Zhejiang Medical University delivered speeches each. They recalled those good times in the school and congratulated to them for their achievements, meanwhile, encouraged the alumni to continue to struggle for the future holding the spirit of "man proposes, god disposes".

Representative faculties RUAN Liming, WANG Xiaojia, ZHANG Nanshan shared the stories of Class 1983, and wish them a much brightener future, more wonderful life and a more robust body.

CHEN Zhouwen, deputy party secretary of School of Medicine expressed warmly welcome to alumni, and introduced the latest development regarding talent team construction, education method, scientific research, alumni work and the construction of "double initiative".

Representative student XIANG Meixiang and Yang Weibin expressed gratitude to hardwork of the Alma mater and those professors who taught them, also, hoping a better future for School of Medicine.

The most unforgettable part of this Homecoming is that Professor ZHENG Shu gave the alumni a lesson again as if it is the time back to the old days. This class was combined with her own research, with the topic of Cancer is a Common and Chronic Disease Which We Have to Struggle to Control It. four aspects were mentioned, including the status quo and countermeasures of tumor epidemic, prevention and treatment before screening, detection and confusion of early cancer, and continuous efforts to control cancer, which made alumni feel as if they were back to the memorable years.

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