School of Public Health

Department of Social Medicine

The Institute of Social Medicine and Family Medicine of Zhejiang University
Director: Professor Li Lu
Deputy Director: Professor Yang Tingzhong, Associate professor Du Yaping
Contact: Associate professor Wang Hongmei
Telephone number: 0571-88208222

The Institute of Social Medicine and Family Medicine, Zhejiang University, was founded in 2000, which was developed from Social Medicine and Health Management Group in Zhejiang Medical University School of Public Health since 1986.  The discipline of social medicine and health management in the institute is both the provincial level key discipline and provincial level key medical discipline, and is qualified to offer master and PhD degrees and post doctoral programs in social medicine and health management. The research concentrations of the institute include Public Administration and Health Policy, Health Behavior and Health Promotion, General Medicine and Community Health Services, Medicine Education and Management, Health Economies and Hospital Management, Medical Ethics and Health Law, Maternal and Child Health.
The institute has 21 full-time faculty members consisted of 8 professors, 9 associate professors, and 4 lecturers, with 44 years old on the average. Among these faculty members, six are PhD student advisors and 11 are master student advisors. The institute also has some well-known domestic scholars as part-time professors and PhD student advisors. The director of the institute, Professor Li Lu, was an awardee of ”The First Level Distinguished  Scholars” and “Key Financial Support” from ”The New Century Academic and Technological Program in Zhejiang province”. Professor Li is the member of Higher Public Administration Education Steering Committee, and the member of Higher Public Health Education Steering Committee under China Education Ministry, the deputy director of Higher General Medicine Education Steering Committee under China Education Ministry. He is the president of Social Medicine Chapter of China Preventive Medicine Association. He is the chief editors of the textbooks of Social Medicine and Health Care Management, both of which were included in the list of the Chinese 11th 5-year Plan Textbooks. Professor Li receives a special government subsidy from the State Council due to his great accomplishments.
Adapting to the ever-going health reform and development in China, the institute has shifted the main research concentrations to health policy and health services, medical education and management and social health behavior and health promotion research since the year of 2000. The faculty members of the institute take the lead of more than 30 projects as the principal investigators from the National Natural Science Fund, the National Social Science Research Funds and other funding organizations. The institute has published over 210 papers, over 30 monographs or textbooks, and been awarded over 10 scientific research and teaching achievements prizes. Eleven PhD and more than 60 master graduate students have attained their degrees from the institute.

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